The Farm

We Live Five Miles from the Closest Place to Buy Things

That’s how I describe where we live in rural Virginia west of Richmond. Technically it isn’t true. There is a place about a mile and a half away, but it’s super sketchy and we don’t like going there. So we count the Sheetz as the closest place. The closest non-gas-station is a Dollar General or Tractor Supply about a 1/2 mile further down the road. We love it.

We live on just over 6 acres of largely uncleared land. This past spring we fenced off a 50’x50' square and created our first raised beds. We also built a massively over-engineered chicken coop.

The garden was a qualified success. We learned a lot and will get started earlier next year and do a much better job.

We also have 3 chickens. They are hilarious and keep us in fresh eggs. Next spring we will (at least) double the number.

Long term plans call for clearing some more of our land and expanding the farm. But that’s a slow process when it’s just you working on it.