Merchants Tire Wouldn’t Put on Tires, WTF?

Posted on Sat 10 December 2016 in farm • 2 min read

I had planned to kill half of my Saturday in a waiting room

Early this week I bought new tires for my old farm truck. I had them delivered to a local Merchant’s Tire. Easy enough. I called and made an appointment for 12:30 on Saturday to have them put on the rims and balanced. Yay! The old truck will be ready for winter!

I show up at noon with my tablet and a fresh cold diet Coke. I’m prepared for the waiting that will inevitably ensue.

The guy takes my information and my keys and I sit down, wordlessly commiserating with the other guy sitting in the waiting area with a laptop.

I see the guy head out to my truck, look around it and open the door. He looks a little confused. Oh crap. can he not drive a manual?

A few minutes pass and he is back out at my truck. Oh man. I just remembered that reverse is a little wonky. The bushings in the shifter are worn and you have to hold it in reverse. That must be it.

A few more minutes pass and the now exasperated looking manager comes out.

Mgr: "We can’t work on your truck." Me: "I’m sorry?" Mgr: "We can’t work on your truck." Me: "I don’t understand." Mgr: "Is it registered?" Me: "It’s titled. It doesn’t have to be registered. It’s a farm-use truck" Mgr: "It doesn’t have tags." Me: "Of course it doesn’t. It’s a farm truck. That’s why it has a Farm Use tag right there on the back." Mgr: "I have to put the tags into the system, or else we can’t work on it."

At this point I laughed out in confusion and frustration. Are you serious?!?!

He was serious.

And he was just staring at me.

"Can I have my tires then, at least?"

He just shrugs and walks off.

At this point I walk out to my truck, still a little bewildered that I’m not being allowed to exchange money for services at this business. Because computers are hard.

A few minutes later and a garage bay opens and a young man starts rolling out 2 tires.

Kid: "Do you want these in the back?" Me: "Actually, I wanted them on the rim, but I guess the truck bed will do."

He looks at me, confused, but decides to just put the tires in the bed of the truck. He did compliment me on my choice in truck tire, though.

So Merchant’s Tire’s computer system doesn’t understand the concept that not every vehicle on the planet has a license plate. I understand that this is an edge case, but seriously?! With this level of willful ignorance, I add Merchant’s the list of companies that are officially dead to me, along with State Farm Insurance and Oracle.